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About the AGC

On October 5th, 2022 Liz Truss, the Prime Minister to the United Kingdom at the time, gave a speech at a Tory Conference in which she claimed the Tories faced an “anti-growth coalition” made up of Labour, the SNP, Liberal Democrats, trade unions, anti-Brexiters, and environmental campaigners.

What Lizz Truss is saying, is that anybody who believes in equal opportunity, a liveable wage, workers’ rights, welfare, environmental rights, and stopping climate change is part of an “anti-growth coalition”. In doing so, Lizz Truss has given the people of Britain (and perhaps even across the world) a unified label under which to seek these basic rights.

And so was born the Anti-Growth Coalition (AGC). In a world where economic growth dominates political narratives and agendas, the scary anti-growth label was designed to vilify. But the AGC is reclaiming this anti-growth label, using it in a semi-satirical fashion. This coalition believes that infinite growth in the way it is currently pursued is fundamentally flawed and ultimately destructive—that it is rooted in inequality and greed and is fuelling both the environmental crisis and climate crisis.

So what does the Anti-Growth Coalition stand for? The AGC stands for an economic system that is equitable, just, and sustainable. An economic system that puts people and planet before profit, and respects planetary boundaries. The members of the AGC believe in re-thinking and re-shaping what growth means, what it looks like, and asking what Donella Meadows asked back in 1972, growth at what cost?

The AGC is not creating a brand-new theory, school of thought or philosophy. It is integrating and connecting those that believe in thriving communities on a thriving planet. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the AGC believes in bringing together the aims, goals and visions of a variety of schools of thoughts and social and environmental movements such as Ecological Economics, Just Transition, Post-Growth, Wellbeing Economics, Limits to Growth, Political Ecology, Doughnut Economics, Steady-State Economics, Post Capitalism, Degrowth, Circular Economy, Climate Justice, and Systems Thinking. Most importantly, the AGC is about uniting people who, until now, may not have realised that where they actually stood, was with the AGC.

There is much more to come, but for now, let us use this momentum to create change.

What we stand for